Succeed Without Fear & Heal That Old Impostor Syndrome - Mindful Cuddles Session 8

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

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My name is Laura McGregor and I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Nourish Victory.

Perhaps for some time you’ve felt like, any day now, you’re going to be found out and exposed as a fraud, or that people around you believe you’re more competent than you actually are. It could be that you feel your successes have only been down to good luck, rather than to your actual talent and skills, and if people only knew what you were like, deep down, they’d see that you are a fake. Or perhaps it may be that you have experienced a certain reluctance to embark on new projects or try to do things that you feel are outside your comfort zone. Maybe you do actually participate but are constantly held back by a conviction in the back of your mind that you are going to fail in many of the things you attempt. Perhaps this fear has been preventing you from striving towards achieving your goals - and even when you do succeed - it is as though you really didn’t expect it to work out - perhaps you even think it was just a fluke.

Interestingly, people who really are imposters, the kind of people who boldly use fake qualifications and charm to bluff their way into a high-status job they are totally unqualified for, usually feel very little self-doubt or insecurity, and often have an elevated sense of their own entitlement.

It’s also very useful to remember that people who are truly incompetent at their job are typically oblivious to that fact. In a series of experiments at Cornell University in nineteen ninety-nine, researchers found that the poorest performers on any given task are actually less able to notice their incompetence and that they have a mistaken belief in their own superiority. In contrast, the people in those experiments who were the most capable and skilled were more prone to self-doubt and tended to underestimate and undervalue their own abilities.

The truth is, we all go through periods in life where we’re a complete beginner at something, where we’re just finding our feet in a new job or in a new environment, and it’s perfectly normal to feel like a fish out of water who’s expected to climb trees in times like that. But a more subtle form of imposter syndrome can also occur in people even when they’ve been working in their field for many years.

For example, stop right now and make a fist with your right hand. Squeeze it tightly for a moment, and then open your hand again.

Good. Now, if I asked you to tell me in words how you did that, to describe exactly what you did to move the fingers and the thumb, how you willed each muscle, joint and tendon to take up the positions that they did so that your hand went from being open to being curled into a tight fist and then opening out again, and how you were able to carry out this complicated manoeuvre so quickly and easily, you’d have trouble giving me an intelligible answer. You just did it. For you, it was no big deal.

In the same way, people who have developed deep, intuitive skills in any activity or field of work often have great difficulty knowing how they do it. So even after you’ve been working in a field for many years, it’s easy to worry that you’re somehow just winging it. Whereas the reality is much more likely to be that over time you’ve developed skills and abilities that are so natural and intuitive to you, that you simply don’t appreciate any more how hard those skills and abilities would be for someone else to learn.

If your intention is to fall into a deep and sound sleep please be sure your alarm clock is set. Go ahead and place yourself in a comfortable position. Adjust your body so that you’re lying, with your legs and feet uncrossed and slightly apart, hands resting loosely in your lap.

And If I have your permission to guide you into a calm and relaxing state then just begin by taking some deep, comfortable breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

And of course, as always you have the power to Accept or Reject suggestions as you hear them. You can practice this in everyday life when you hear something on television or during regular everyday conversations. And of course, you have the power to accept or reject any suggestions that you hear tonight. Please use these two powerful gifts as often as possible. Doubling down on things that resonate with your values and integrity by internally thinking “I accept that suggestion” and quickly rejecting anything that doesn’t “I reject that suggestion”.

And as you begin to relax I’ll bring your awareness to any sounds, just everyday sounds around your house, people or dogs in the background, perhaps cars passing by in the neighbourhood and these sounds do not bother or disturb you, as a matter of fact, they help you relax even more comfortably. And of course, at any time should you need to awaken, you can do so quickly and effortlessly.

Now as you prepare to relax very deeply you can just close those eyes if you haven’t yet and as you follow along comfortably to the sound of these words and breathe smoothly and easily

I’d like you to begin to pretend that you know how to make a fist

not just with one hand but with both hands at the same time

and you can do that right now

that’s it curl the fingers inwards squeeze both those hands into fists

as you get a real sense of faking it of pretending that this is something you know how to do

And next as you pretend you know how to squeeze those fists even more tightly I’d like you to begin to pretend you don’t know how to open those fists just fake not knowing how to open those hands that’s it and then as you take a slow deep breath in and breathe out smoothly and evenly you can let all of that go you can release the hands allow the fingers to unfurl and really begin to allow yourself to settle comfortably more and more easily and effortlessly into rest and comfort more and more deeply with each and every breath that’s it

And sometimes as you listen to these words you might find yourself really having fun pretending that on the outside you’re relaxing deeply that you’re softening the muscles of the face that you’re loosening the muscles of the neck that you’re allowing the shoulders to relax more and more comfortably with each and every breath while on the inside you secretly stay watchful and alert aware of every sound around you as you pretend to relax the arms the hands the fingers twice as relaxed that’s it and relax the legs the feet the toes allowing that body to feel comfortably heavy while inside you remain secretly totally watchful and alert

And other times as you listen to these words you can really have fun pretending that you’re visibly alert and awake on the outside while secretly invisibly on the inside you’re drifting deeper and deeper into a state of total calm and inner rest a wonderfully enjoyable dreamlike reverie floating only into times of enjoyment satisfaction comfort and ease maybe times in your life when you were doing something you loved to do or a time you were in a place where you felt so wonderfully at ease completely comfortable in your own skin free to be just you expressing yourself naturally being yourself that’s it

The way someone can go on a walk through a beautiful landscape with views stretching out to the horizon perhaps rolling hills and lush valleys perhaps water glittering in the sunlight

and the way that kind of landscape allows you to feel nourished and uplifted and you can really notice how a tree you pass as you walk along grows unselfconsciously unquestioningly simply being the tree that it is sending down roots deep into the earth drawing up nourishment from the ground and stretching its branches out to the sky its leaves basking in the sunlight and there’s a deep quiet a silence patience within that tree which allows it to simply be the tree that it is and to do what it does with a calm steadfast undistractable determination and focus

And beneath and behind any of those old worry thoughts that had been cluttering up your mind in the past there is always this same deep quiet silence and patience allowing you to go into flow to draw on all of your instinctive intuitive strengths and abilities with calm steadfast

undistractable determination and focus

Because of course the truth is opening and closing your hands isn’t something you need to fake

you instinctively know how to do it just as you instinctively know how to take a slow deep breath

and how to genuinely honestly relax all the way down now as you slowly and smoothly breathe out

body relaxing genuinely honestly

mind calming settling down becoming more and more still inside as you enjoy this space opening up within the space between and around the thoughts the space and the silence that’s always here beneath and behind these words

body twice as relaxed now

mind twice as calm now

any thoughts in that mind becoming a quiet distant whisper fading away into the distance allowing you to simply be to simply breathe to simply be here now relaxing and letting go all the way down

And a colleague of mine said to me just the other day once you reach a certain age you realise that you’re not wonderful and you’re not terrible you’re just multi-faceted there are so many different aspects to who you are

you have strengths and weaknesses

talents and quirks

deep knowledge of some things utter ignorance of other things

like all human beings

And over the course of your life there have been

have there not

many things you’ve enjoyed

perhaps things that other people created

music movies books perhaps architecture or works of art where you really appreciated the quality the skill the talent the time and effort that went into their creation

and behind every human achievement from the building of the pyramids in Egypt to the Apollo moon landing

from the symphonies of Beethoven and the plays of William Shakespeare

to the works of any successful person

anyone you’ve ever admired for their confidence their wit

their drive

their talent

their charisma

behind every one of these is a multi-faceted human being with private vulnerabilities

moments of self-doubt

and who that person is when with a close family member or who they are last thing on Sunday night before the start of the working week might be very different from who they are when they are in full flow firing on all cylinders shining at their best

because we are all multi-faceted we are all human and your professional role is only ever one dimension of who you are and it’s neither fake nor the complete truth it’s just one facet of you one dimension of you

And it’s also other people’s right to admire your strengths and talents because after you’ve practiced anything for some time even things you learned as a child like learning to walk learning to talk learning to write the letters of the alphabet you practice them over and over and then they drop into the unconscious mind and gradually come to feel like an instinctive ability

and just as a professional tennis player doesn’t know exactly how they hit the perfect shot

and just as a great entrepreneur doesn’t know exactly how they dig deep within to find the drive perseverance and creative vision they need to succeed

so there are aspects to what you do to your achievements that you might not fully appreciate consciously

but you can really become more open now to having empathy for people who admire that facet of your personality

people who pay you a compliment

people who enthuse about a piece of work or a job you’ve done

it’s their right to perceive that truth to notice and appreciate that facet of your personality because you are neither wonderful nor terrible you are multi-faceted

And I’d like you to begin to get a sense of watching a video of the future on a big high definition screen in your mind

noticing a future you on that screen right now who is able to relax to calmly focus

to trust in the unconscious deeply embedded skills you’ve developed over the years

so that now they feel almost as effortless as breathing as effortless as opening and closing your hand

and as you notice that future you getting to work on a project you can get a sense of the quiet focus

the calm clarity allowing that future you to simply get on with doing what they’re doing free from the old clutter of those old worry thoughts

calmly able to trust yourself with a fair balanced even-handed sense of confidence that you have strengths and imperfections like all human beings you’re multifaceted

And just as a tree can unselfconsciously grow and stretch itself deepening its roots strengthening its core

stretching upwards and outwards into the unique tree that it is and has always been


now so you can merge into this calm focused future you

that’s it and experience this ease this calm this clarity now in mind and body trusting in your unconscious mind

no need to consciously know how you open and close your hand you just know and that’s true of so many different strengths and abilities within you and they’re all readily available to you always and in all ways

now that’s it

And you can just get a sense of being in a situation here in the future that would perhaps have made you doubt yourself in the past perhaps a high pressure situation

or perhaps just listening to praise from someone and notice the ease with which you can see the truth of that compliment

or the ease with which you can calmly trust in your intuitive strengths and abilities

and it’s okay to be human and to be imperfect

and it’s also okay to be accomplished and talented

you are multi-faceted and you can really get a sense of responding differently in that future time with ease and calm now

And with the help of your wonderful, creative subconscious mind - you are going to surprise yourself by changing the way that you think and feel about failing.

Instead of doubting your own ability - you will approach all that you do with a feeling of confidence and an expectation that you can - and you will succeed - because you deserve to succeed - in all that you do.

As babies we are all born into this world - we each took our first breath - exercised our lungs and learned how to suckle.

Each one of us gave that first heart-melting smile - and those of us fortunate enough to be physically able - learned how to crawl - took our first steps and eventually walked.

We each learned to talk - and later to run and to dance and to sing.

There seemed no limit to what we could do - we didn't worry about failing - we just did whatever we intended to do - determined to succeed - even if it meant practising for a while until the conscious action became an unconscious reaction.

We just learned as we went along - perhaps with a few little accidents along the way which soon became less and less as we mastered our goals.

And it is because you are a human being - just like the rest of our race - that you have the same capabilities and potential as anyone else.

However - when someone’s confidence has been knocked out of them - they may need reminding that they are just as capable - often even more so - as those other people.

Your subconscious mind knows everything there is to know about you - and it has now decided that it is time to let go of self-doubt and that fear of failure and heal any lingering feelings of being an imposter - which is why you are listening to me today.

It's true to say that at some stage in your life you were negatively hypnotized - as is anyone who develops a fear or a phobia.

So - as you have already proved you can accept negative suggestions and because of this

it stands to reason that you can also accept positive suggestions.

You just need to reprogramme your mind for success - yes that's right - for success - because deep down - you know that you can succeed in almost everything you do.

And of course, if by any remote chance - you don't do as well as you'd hoped - it doesn't matter - because there's always the next time.

Just like the baby who - taking one of those first unaided steps - falls onto its bottom and then pulls itself up - you expect to succeed - and you do.

You are kind to yourself - and you're kind to others.

You are a wonderful, caring, unique human being - a child of the Universe with an intuitive sense of adventure and curiosity - and you are claiming back what is rightfully yours - the right to explore new ideas - to try out new things - to discover what is right for you and what's isn’t.

And when it is not the right thing for you - it doesn't matter - because at least you tried - you had a go - and you know that if this is something important to you - you will soon succeed.

You don't even think about failing anymore - soon after this session, it won’t even cross your mind unless absolutely necessary.

From now on - you have new keywords in your mind - this is your blueprint for success - you tell yourself - every day - I can do it - I can do whatever I set out to do.

Soon after this session - perhaps in an hour or sometime in the next couple of days - I would like you to write these four short words down on a piece of paper or card, or maybe even the mirror in your bathroom.

The words are - I can do it - and carry these words around in your purse or your wallet - carry them around in your head -

I can do it - I can do whatever I set my mind to.

The words - I can do it become your key words

You know that you can do it - you can do anything that you set your mind to - if it is humanly possible and safe to do so.

You can do it - without fear of failure - without feelings of doing anything wrong - or doubts about your ability.

You are kind to yourself - and if you did make a mistake - then that's fine - it is not a big deal - because that's how we learn - from our mistakes.

You can forgive yourself easily because there's nothing to really forgive.

Remember - it's not always reaching the destination that counts - but enjoying the journey on its way.

It is fun to try out new things - and you know that you can succeed - in whatever you really want to succeed at.

You have the ability - you have plenty of ability - and you believe in yourself wholeheartedly - because you know that you can do it - so you do.

From this moment forward you find yourself beginning to think differently about attempting new ventures.

If you really want to do something - then you do it.

You just do it. As long as it doesn't involve harming someone or something else - it really doesn't matter - you have a perfect right to express your own ideas - to attempt new things - and whether you succeed or not - you are happy that you at least had a go - and that makes you feel good.

You feel proud of yourself for having overcome that old fear of failure - and from now on - you expect to succeed.

And of course - because you expect to succeed - you usually do - and this reinforces your confidence in your own ability.

Now - as your confidence increases - you find yourself becoming far more relaxed in situations that would previously wind you up.

You approach new tasks with an enthusiasm and expectation to succeed and this delights you and all those around you who know how you used to feel.

And these suggestions are firmly embedded in your subconscious mind - growing stronger and stronger as each day goes by.

And of course - you will always remember these four little words - I can do it - and you do - you just do it.

And these positive feelings will stay with you, and grow stronger and stronger - as you become more relaxed. In fact, this relaxed response will become a pleasant part of your life and you know you could find something new that brings you joy each day.

You could laugh and feel joyful when your feet touch the floor first thing each morning. You could feel Happy, Grateful, Motivated & even Excited to start a new day leaving behind all those old cares and concerns.

You'll surprise yourself, in that you'll find that you're able to let go of things that belong to the past, you'll see them correctly in their true perspective, as belonging to the past. Old negative memories, old patterns of behaviour, and things that raised themselves as barriers against your ability to achieve the things that you wish to achieve in your life - are now fading - fading away - and you're seeing them as part of the past.

This is allowing your body to come back to its correct balance - this is allowing your mind to feel settled and calm. This is allowing you to experience a deep sense of inner confidence, and contentment.

If you are listening to this recording at your regular bedtime then you can ignore the following wake up suggestions and continue to drift and dream - knowing that you will awaken, fully refreshed - at your usual wake up time.

However, if you are listening to my voice at any other time then you will accept the suggestions to come out of this restful state - and feel all the benefits of this wonderful, deep relaxation session.

In a moment I'm going to count the numbers from one to five and at the count of five you will be wide awake - feeling already wonderfully invigorated - and ready to allow these suggestions - to work for you.


I am going to count from 1 up to 5 and at the last number the number 5

I will ask you to open your eyes have a good stretch and say out loud the words wide awake.

1. Slowly calmly easily you’re returning to your full awareness once again.

2. Each nerve muscle and ligament has benefited from this wonderful time spent inwards.

3. From head to toe feeling perfect in every way, physically perfect mentally perfect emotionally calm and serene.

4. You will find that from this moment on you will have more and confidence in your everyday life. When you leave this building colours may be brighter sounds clearer and that is simply because you took this time to reconnect to yourself.

5. Opening your eyes and saying out loud the words WIDE AWAKE

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This script was created by Laura McGregor, some content was licensed from Hypnotic World and Uncommon Knowledge

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