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Stop Unpleasant Recurring Dreams - Mindful Cuddles Session 19

Unpleasant dreams can be horrific because they seem so real they can leave you feeling traumatized and dreading going back to sleep. Sleep should be a time of deep rest and recuperation, but recurring unpleasant dreams make sleep exhausting and frightening and can also affect how you feel during the day.

An unpleasant dream or sometimes even a nightmare is an emotionally negative dream, maybe producing anger, sadness, or guilt but most commonly some level of fear or overwhelming terror. Repetitive unpleasant dreams often have a classic theme, such as being chased or not being able to do something that normally comes quite easily to you.

We all dream every night, even if we don’t recall the dreams when we wake up. The content of our dreams comes from expectations during our waking hours that, for whatever reason, are not expressed or fulfilled, so the emotional arousal is never ‘switched off. The purpose of dreaming is to ‘complete the circuit’ through the action of the dream. So if you have frightening thoughts but what you fear isn’t resolved during the waking hours, your unconscious mind will try to complete the pattern by producing a dream. This is a symbolic representation of your unfulfilled fears and anxieties from the day before. unpleasant dreams are actually an attempted solution – but the solution can feel more like a problem!

When you relax more during the day and actively problem-solve to ‘switch off the pattern before it gets to the dream stage, your sleep improves and the unpleasant dreams stop.

Because unpleasant dreams are the metaphorical completion of daytime worries and fears, it can help to write down any worries you have during the day and start dealing with them before you go to sleep. The more you introspect about happier things during the day, the more you’ll have happier dreams at night.

You can also change unpleasant dreams so they are no longer frightening. This can be done hypnotically, quickly and comfortably. We are going to change the program in your mind so even if the same dream occurs again, you’ll be relaxed and calm. In fact, you can look forward to a better night’s sleep straight away. You can begin to enjoy your dreams which are, after all, the products of your creative mind because dreams come from the same part of your mind that imagines and fantasizes.

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This script was created by Laura McGregor, some content was licensed from Hypnotic World and Uncommon Knowledge.

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