#Self-Care Time! Quiet A Troubled Mind With Inner Peace - Mindful Cuddles Session 9

Updated: Mar 11

My name is Laura McGregor and I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Nourish Victory.

Achieving a sense of inner peace is something that most people strive for. However, when the mind is occupied with the stresses of modern living, peace and tranquillity can be difficult to attain. These days, many people seem to be faced with so many demands on their time and excessive worries about how to cope with life and they often neglect to appreciate the small simple pleasures of life.

If you’ve been experiencing stress, anxieties, worries or just want some 'me time' to relax, this Inner Peace hypnosis self-hypnosis session can help them to tune into your own inner resources and benefit from a mini-vacation type experience to give you some well-deserved quality time.

Please ensure you do not drive or operate any machinery while listening to this audio recording.

In order to get the best results please find a quiet place where you can focus your attention and intention towards the goals of this recording.

This recording is intended to be listened to and shared widely with the public and therefore should be seen as non-clinical / non-therapeutic hypnosis and is defined as the use of hypnosis to instill positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis.

This recording is intended to be educational in nature, providing information, instruction, support and encouragement. If you would like to experience deep trance hypnosis as part of therapeutic sessions please book time at nourishvictory.com

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If your intention is to fall into a deep and sound sleep please be sure your alarm clock is set. Go ahead and place yourself in a comfortable position. Adjust your body so that you’re lying, with your legs and feet uncrossed and slightly apart, hands resting loosely in your lap.

And If I have your permission to guide you into a calm and relaxing state then just begin by taking some deep, comfortable breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

And of course, as always you have the power to Accept or Reject suggestions as you hear them. You can practice this in everyday life when you hear something on television or during regular everyday conversations. And of course you have the power to accept or reject any suggestions that you hear tonight. Please use these two powerful gift as often as possible. Doubling down on things that resonate with your values and integrity by internally thinking “I accept that suggestion” and quickly rejecting anything that doesn’t “I reject that suggestion”.

And as you begin to relax I’ll bring your awareness to any sounds, just everyday sounds around your house, people or dogs in the background, perhaps cars passing by in the neighborhood and these sounds do not bother or disturb you, as a matter of fact they help you relax even more comfortably. And of course at any time should you need to awaken, you can do so quickly and effortlessly.

Now as you prepare to relax very deeply you can just close those eyes if you haven’t yet and as you follow along comfortably to the sound of these words and breathe smoothly and easily

As you lie here relaxing, I want you to become gradually aware of the gentle rise and the fall of your chest and abdomen as you breathe slowly and evenly, in and out, in and out, in and out.

And perhaps you can compare this part of your body to a clear aquamarine ocean with waves gently lapping to and fro.

Imagine yourself reclining on a sun lounger on a warm, sandy white beach, watching those waves rise and fall.

You are breathing in and out as the waves on this beautiful Caribbean ocean splash gently backwards and forwards, to and fro, back and forth.

And the sound of those waves is music to your ears.

And the sun is warming you gently, all over your body, as you watch and listen to the waves in time with your breathing.

Along the ridge of the beach, in the distance, is a grove of tall green-topped palm trees whose fronds are gracefully dancing, being teased by a warm gentle breeze.

Notice the reflections bouncing off these clear turquoise waters - sparkling and dancing in the warm, late afternoon sun and sending steady ripples of contentment outward to the surrounding areas of your body and your mind.

Slowly and gently, adjust your focus inward now and look deep within yourself.

As your attention narrows you know that you are looking deep into the nucleus of your physical, spiritual and emotional self and you see a pulsating light radiating around this area.

As your vision becomes clearer still and you go deeper within to take a closer look, you see that the light is the same colour as the ocean you have just been watching.

It is the same shimmering shade of aquamarine that changes to a beautiful blue-turquoise depending on the angle from which you are viewing it.

And you are here; resting peacefully and calmly; breathing in and out; slowly, easily and evenly.

See those shimmering tranquil waves emanating from the centre of your abdomen and reaching out towards your heart, your lungs and then to all of your vital organs before finally reaching the outside extremities of your body.

Feel the healing effects of those waves as they wash across the inside of your body starting at the centre and reaching all the way to the outside of your skin before abating back to your central core.

As you watch and feel these aquamarine-blue-turquoise waves of peace and serenity wash continually across your body, your mind becomes tranquil and you begin to experience a sense of deep inner at peace.

You feel safe and protected; like a new-born baby engulfed in its mother's arms.

You are nurtured and cared for and deeply loved.

All your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs are met.

These serene and peaceful feelings begin to form a translucent aura that encompasses you like a breathable, softly woven cocoon.

As you slowly breathe in and out, keeping time with the ocean's waves, you become more and more relaxed.

And you are more and more attuned to your inner state of calm and tranquillity.

And as you continue to relax, your blue aura begins to get brighter and clearer as it ebbs and flows to and from your inner core to your body's extremities, warming you internally as your whole body begins to glow.

And concentrating on your aquamarine-blue-turquoise aura you find that your mind becomes free of all worries and cares, releasing of all the tensions that have been a part of your everyday life.

And you experience a wonderful sensation of calm and peace and serenity that overcomes you to the point where you feel a tremendous sense of quiet inner self-confidence.

This feeling spreads throughout your body and your mind and you know that whatever happens in life you can cope.

That’s right, whatever life tries to throw at you is fine; you find you can cope with it in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Your subconscious mind registers everything it needs to and responds with its own inner wisdom.

You are a free spirit with your own highly-formed set of standards and core values and you listen to your own guiding voice, even when others are urging you to follow a path that you instinctively know is not the right path for you.

And whenever you call upon the wisdom of your inner self, you experience the aquamarine-blue-turquoise aura surrounding you.

It immediately warms and assures you that you know far more than you think you know.

For all is there in the depths of your soul; all channels of spiritual guidance are open and available to you.

Everything that you need to know is revealed to you. If it is not revealed then you know that it is not really needed at this time.

Everything is now crystal clear and you can see the path that leads to the fulfilment of your dreams.

You realize that any old obstructions towards realizing your dreams and fulfilling your destiny were either self-imposed or placed there by others who, in their own misguided, if well-intentioned way, believed that they should be there.

When the time is right and you sense that this path is the one for you, you now give yourself permission to follow your heart.

As you bask in this glowing feeling of calm and serenity I want you to recall those old problems

But I don't want you to actually think about them.

What I would like you to do is to see them as a list written on a piece of tissue paper in your inner mind.

See the list on a flimsy piece of paper that can be screwed up and discarded, incinerated in a flash or dropped into the ocean where nature will obliterate it without causing any sort of pollution.

On this list can be anything and everything that has been recently worrying you.

It contains any of those old anxieties or doubts that you may have had about yourself, your ability or anything else; the list can contain whatever you want to put on it.

It's what we will call your 'not to do' list.

Cram it full of things which once bothered you but you now know are unimportant, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks.

This is your list of perceived obstacles, imagined consequences or other of those old problems that have no right to influence your life.

Remember, the list can contain anything and everything that had been dragging you down or making your life miserable or unbearable in some way.

So write your list now or simply project those old doubts onto the paper as I am quiet for a moment or two.

Slight pause.

Now, looking at the paper, or even not looking at it, you suddenly realize that those old obstacles or problems cannot hold the same weight as they once did

You have your own set of values and these are the ones that you live by.

Acknowledge that there are things out there in the universe that have adversely influenced you in one way or another throughout your life.

Know too, and accept that you can defeat them, for you, and you alone, are in charge of your destiny.

Allow the spirit of the sea to bring forth a breeze to carry away the list you set down on that flimsy paper.

Like a balloon, the tissue wavers through the air until it hovers over the ocean towards the horizon, already in shreds from the strong sea air.

And suddenly it is gone, and with it, all those old doubts or insecurities or any of those old negative feelings or thoughts that you may have had about yourself are also gone and replaced with a feeling of deep inner peace.

The inner peace and confidence that you have attained now has a permanent place within you.

And you can draw on your inner reserve whenever you want to and whenever you need to; whatever you are doing and wherever you are; this inner peace is there for you.

All you need to do is to look inside yourself and experience the aquamarine, turquoise blue light.

Allow it to wash over your body and immediately transform any negative thoughts or feelings to positive, harmonious energies and higher vibrations.