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Deep Nourishing Sleep And Increased Waking Mindfulness - Mindful Cuddles Session 3

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Please ensure you do not drive or operate any machinery while listening to this audio recording.

In order to get the best results please find a quiet place where you can focus your attention and intention towards the goals of this recording.

This recording is intended to be listened to and shared widely with the public and therefore should be seen as non-clinical / non-therapeutic hypnosis and is defined as the use of hypnosis to instill positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis.

This recording is intended to be educational in nature, providing information, instruction, support and encouragement. If you would like to experience deep trance hypnosis as part of therapeutic sessions please book time at

My name is Laura McGregor and I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Nourish Victory. I see so many clients, friends and family not sleeping or coping well and it’s my greatest intention that you will enjoy this session designed to help you sleep peacefully through the night in the way that is your most natural instinct and once peacefully asleep to help your subconscious mind make a firm decision to guide you to be more mindful during your waking hours.

If you find this session valuable and you know anyone you think it may help then I’d ask that you please share it with them. I drop new relaxation audio each Thursday at 9 pm PST. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to never miss a session. Visit for more information.

If your intention is to fall into a deep and sound sleep please be sure your alarm clock is set. Go ahead and place yourself in a comfortable position. Adjust your body so that you’re lying, with your legs and feet uncrossed and slightly apart, hands resting loosely in your lap.

And If I have your permission to guide you into a calm and relaxing state of hypnosis then just begin by taking some deep, comfortable breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

And of course, as always you have the power to Accept or Reject suggestions as you hear them. You can practice this in everyday life when you hear something on television or during regular everyday conversations. And of course, you have the power to accept or reject any suggestions that you hear tonight. Please use these two powerful gifts as often as possible. Doubling down on things that resonate with your values and integrity by internally thinking “I accept that suggestion” and quickly rejecting anything that doesn’t “I reject that suggestion”.

And as you begin to relax I’ll bring your awareness to any sounds, just everyday sounds around your house, a dog barking in the background, perhaps cars passing by in the neighbourhood and these sounds do not bother or disturb you, as a matter of fact, they help you relax even more comfortably. And of course, at any time should you need to awaken, you can do so quickly and effortlessly.

And Those moments before you actually drift off to sleep - as your mind wanders and images can flow in and out of your mind - your mind is preparing for rest - to enter the dream world where anything and everything that you desire is possible.

As you prepare to dream your subconscious mind is busy with sorting out any problems you've had throughout the day. So I’d like you to imagine bundling up any worries - any cares - and uploading them all to a safe space in the universe. Use your powerful imagination to notice a beautiful box that is a sacred healing space for your concerns. Notice what colour your box is? Perhaps it’s a treasure chest or a safe, or perhaps an elegantly wrapped shoebox. Regardless go ahead and rest your concerns in your special box.

Watch as these worries and cares get locked safely away. And you can now trust that if you ever need to access these again you will have even more clarity and feel even more supported to deal with them.

And whenever you’re ready, you can just close your eyes, if you haven’t already done so, and just begin to take a few slower, deeper breaths, with deep, full inhales, and slow, smooth exhales, like taking a sigh of deep comfort after a long day, and do that several times in a row right now.

That’s it. And as you continue to breathe comfortably and slowly for a few more breaths, and prepare to relax now, I’m just going to say a little about how this session is going to help you to sleep more deeply.

To sleep peacefully and restfully through the night is a natural instinct. It’s part of your biological inheritance, and this session will help you tap back into your innate ability to sleep easily and deeply, in a way that won’t require any conscious effort at all – just a willingness to be patient as you learn to respond more deeply and allow it to happen. And the more regularly you listen to this session, the more you’ll notice deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, as deeper and deeper sleep becomes a normal part of your life.

And as you allow that body to rest still comfortably listening to these words you can notice the position that your body is resting in the sensation of the support behind your head.

And even with your eyes closed you know the position of some of the objects around you. I’d like you to take a moment to expand your awareness of the space around you to get a sense of the temperature of the air against your face and as it passes in and out of your nose or mouth a little cooler on the inhale warmer on the exhale. Even with those eyes closed you know what it would be like to look at the space around you not at any particular object but at the space between the objects the space around your body. The space within your body the space within your mouth, within your throat, within your lungs and when you magnify any piece of matter enough when you get right down to the atomic level, you can see that more than 99.9 % of every atom in the entire universe is simply open space.

And there is space within and space without and you can even listen not to any particular sound but to space where there is no sound the space between these words how these words travel as vibrations through the air but around and within those vibrations is space.

And when you drift off to sleep you simply shift your attention from these external stimuli the electrical signals that your eyes send to that brain and your ears your skin.

The taste and smell receptors and you begin to tune out those signals and move into space within where you can become very absorbed in your internal senses and at first, these might be memories of the day. That’s past thoughts about the day to come more everyday thinking but then as the brainwaves begin to slow down and shift into. That dreamy state where your thoughts become more daydream-like where they stop making so much conscious sense.