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How Well We Receiv​e Can Shine A Light On Our Self Worth​​ If We Let It​​​.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

We are all trying our best to navigate this tricky thing called life. We push and pull our way through the unseen, grasping tightly to the vision we desire. For some they want a boat load of money and they don't much care how they get it. For others, all they really want is to unfold into their purpose. And the latter may bring with it a boat load of money too, one never knows.

Setting out on a new year, we are surrounded by vision boards, intentions, resolutions, hoping to signal to the universe that we are ready to receive our purpose, destiny, oh, and that boat load of money.

Our purpose is to attract all that we wish to see come into fruition. The new age term is manifesting.

There is a law, the law of nature. What you think about will come to you. I like the saying, your fear will meet you half way. Also true of manifestation. I have found that manifestation is not only the art of attracting your desired outcome through personal frequency, but also how one receives what they desire.

Receiving can be confronting. Just look at all the rock stars who have seen their names in the bright lights, sold out large stadiums, had the boat load of money, and were crushed by their desires.

How we receive can be an insight to our self worth.

Take a compliment for example. Someone tells you that you are looking amazing, better then ever, bright, radiant, and full of beauty. What is the typical response? It goes something like this, “Oh no, not me, I look fat, my hair is not done, I look tired, are you sure you mean me?” This is how a lot of us receive a compliment.

We want the secrets and tools to manifest our most desired life and yet when we are given a gift, we often find it hard to really receive what is being given. We lose sight of our manifesting tools when the gift arrives on a silver plater.

Saying thank you is one thing, and don't get me wrong, it is enough to just say thank you. But, if you let the gift in, the manifestation, which has come to you, to sit in your heart, your cells, for perhaps even a few days, really allowing gratitude to fill you, in doing so you allow yourself the time to integrate.

Integrate the knowing that you are worth such a tremendous gift. For the gratitude cup to runneth over, we have to genuinely feel that we deserve it.

Did you know that when an addict relapses it almost always occurs on an up swing? Sure folks get down in the dumps and turn to drugs, food, sex, gambling, to release serotonin, but the most dangerous time for a drug addict is when something amazing happens. It is triggering to the nervous system. Excitement, fear, love, a new adventure, and the thought of not being enough for that adventure, can send a triggering message to the individual.

The message is, I am not worth this gift.

Some folks self sabotage their relationships because they don't really at their core feel they deserve a loving partner, or a nice life. How well we receive is so telling of how we really feel about ourselves.

When we are manifesting our most desired outcome, we may want to check in with our self esteem, our worth and how well we can allow goodness to arrive in our hearts.

I recently was given a gift, and I was surprised at how my self worth reacted. It didn't jump for joy and scream, “Yes! This is amazing! I totally deserve this! Bring it on! Yeah baby!” Instead my mind went onto a spiral of, “Am I worth it? What if I let someone down? Why do they see me as a successful person? What if I am just a fraud? Am I going to fuck the whole thing up?”

I have some work to do in the receiving department.

When my Husband and I bought our home out in the country, it took me 5 months to start allowing my new reality to sink in. I was scared that if I let it in, I would lose it somehow. I was trying to protect myself. Although I was thrilled that we had finally manifested our little home in the country, beach down the road, I would not fully accept that this amazing reality was for me.

How I received was so eye opening.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a person who is full of gratitude most of the time. My heart lights up at a birds song, a frogs deep call, and the sweet sound of hummingbird wings. I pay attention to the small important things in life. I allow gratitude to fill my cup. But, I can honestly say that I struggle to accept great gifts from the universe and from loving people in my life. On some level I don't feel I am worth it. I am glad to see this pattern. That is really all we can hope for. To see our patterns and begin the process of getting curious.

Receiving fully is the knowing that we are worth all which we have manifested. Receiving also keeps the cycle of manifesting going. The act of fully recognizing our value sends the most powerful message to the universe. It says,” I know I am valuable and worth all of the goodness that flows my way.” Perhaps that will be my new mantra for 2019.

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