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Finding Balance: 10 Ways To Ease Your Life

Happy Friday ladies, this week I've been thinking a lot about balance so I wrote a little post hopefully you'll find a takeaway or two as a gentle reminder.

We are all so busy. The balance of our work, family, and personal time is constantly shifting. We eat on the go or in front of the TV because we don't have time to cook a healthy meal. Our relationships suffer because we're too exhausted to put in that much effort anymore. And sometimes it feels like there's no hope for balance ever again... But there is!

In this post, I'm going to share with you some tips on how to find balance in your life and ease your stress level so you can feel more centred and self-cared for!

1: Figure out what balance means for you. What does balance in your life look like? It could be as simple as setting aside one hour each day to disconnect from the world and do something that brings joy and balance into your soul, or it might mean working full time while spending more quality time with family members. Whatever balance looks like for you, it's important to define and articulate it.

2: Create a balance plan. It might be helpful to make a list of all the things that need balance in your life and rank them from most pressing or urgent down to least demanding on yourself so you can take care of the more difficult tasks first before tackling less taxing items on the list.

3: Delegate if you can. If you're feeling stretched too thin, consider delegating some tasks to others in your life that might be able to help balance out your workload or responsibilities. Or delegate smaller jobs within a big task so the big task feels less daunting and doesn't drain your energy when tackling it.

4: Take care of yourself first. In order to balance your life, you need balance in yourself. It's important to take care of your physical self by eating right and exercising, as well as taking time for relaxation or unplugging from the world every so often if it feels like work is constantly encroaching on that space too.

5: Be gentle with yourself when things don't balance out. Sometimes, even with your best intentions for balance, things don't work out the way you wanted them to and it's important not to judge yourself too harshly when this happens.

6: Remember there is a balance in everything. The natural flow of life is to have ups and downs, stressors and times where you feel like the world has finally been knocked off-kilter on its axis. If it feels as if this will never end or that things can't get better but they always do! You just have to keep going, be gentle with yourself and remember that there is a balance in everything.

7: Be kind to yourself and others. In the rush of life, it can be all too easy to forget how important kindness is! You need balance in your own self but also with those around you so that everyone feels cared for and loved. Kindness takes practice which means when something stress-inducing does happen or stress takes over, it's important to step back and practice kindness.

8: Create a routine that works for you. It might be helpful to create routines that work with your natural energy flow so stressors don't overwhelm you or push you past your breaking point where stress has become the norm rather than an exception in our lives. Try experimenting with stress-relieving practices that work for you, whether it be trying a new workout or yoga practice, reading in the moments when you can - to balance your day out and have time for yourself or making more mindful choices outside of just stress relief so they become second nature (i.e., taking deep breaths before responding when someone is attacking you).

9: Seek support. It can be hard to ask for help but stress relief starts with finding balance within yourself and sometimes it's not enough if we don't have someone in our lives who can help provide that outside perspective or offer a listening ear when stress becomes too much. If stress is taking over, it might be a sign that you need to find someone who can provide support for you or balance stressors in your life.

10: Lastly but most importantly, it's important not to stress about finding the perfect way of doing things or stress overthinking what you should do next! It can be so difficult when life throws us these curveballs to find balance because stress becomes our default reaction.

It's important to find balance in your life and stress relief so that you don't become overwhelmed with stressors. Reflect on what might be making the most sense for you, whether it is seeking support or finding a new work-life balance routine!

The key is having the courage to do something when things get tough - not only for stress relief but for stress management. These "things" you do, in those moments are the tools in your belt (or shed) that you can draw on whenever you need to instead of reacting in that old way that you've decided no longer serves you.

It can be really hard to find balance at times because life is so unpredictable! Remember not to be hard on yourself when you can't figure it out but also try and step back from the situation so you give yourself space to find the perfect solution. Sometimes the best thing is - just to take it one step at a time.

Have a great weekend! Laura xo

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