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Boost Energy Levels - Mindful Cuddles Session 14

When you feel energetic and filled with health and vigour, it makes every aspect of life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Your mood is brighter, you feel more motivated and enthusiastic about your work and your hobbies, and you’re more engaging, lively and good-humoured when you’re with other people and you’re more engaging, lively and good-humoured when you’re with other people.

But when you’re feeling run down, if you haven’t had enough sleep, or you’ve been eating poorly, or when you’ve been pushing yourself too hard and not taking proper care of yourself, then it becomes much harder to enjoy life and everything can feel like an effort or a chore.

If you want to experience heightened feelings of energy, it’s essential to start with the basics, and to make sure you’re getting a decent night’s sleep, that you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet, with not too much alcohol, sugary foods, or caffeinated drinks, and making time in your life for socializing and fun, as well as work. And regular deep relaxation, which you can experience by listening to this session repeatedly, has been shown to have all kinds of beneficial effects on your mood, your energy levels, your ability to handle stress, and your immune system.

But there is also a significant psychological component to feeling energetic and enthusiastic.

Public speakers, actors and sports players all know that you can sometimes be tired before a performance or a match, or even a feel a bit under the weather, and then you can suddenly forget all about that tiredness when the event actually begins, as you become entirely focused and immersed in what you’re doing. And you know how different it feels to be waking up on your first day on holiday or travelling to meet someone you’re really looking forward to seeing, compared to how you might typically feel on your morning commute to work. A different attitude can transform your energy levels, and how invigorated and enthusiastic you feel.

So as well as all the many benefits that deep relaxation offers, this session is going to help you develop a more energetic, enthusiastic attitude so that your unconscious mind begins to associate greater feelings of energy and vitality with all the various aspects of your daily life.

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This script was created by Laura McGregor, some content was licensed from Hypnotic World and Uncommon Knowledge

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