• Laura McGregor, CCHT

Achieve Your Potential - Mindful Cuddles Session 18

In a short while, we will start on a deeply relaxing session that will enable you to begin to feel naturally and instinctively more positive in day-to-day life.

You may have noticed that sometimes you have talked yourself out of doing something which, if only you had just gone for it wholeheartedly, would really have been to your advantage. Or perhaps you may have noticed that sometimes, even though you had set yourself a clear goal, you found it difficult to drum up the necessary energy and enthusiasm to make a real success of it.

All the time we hear people saying negative things like: “I’m just not the sort of person who could do that”, or placing unnecessary limitations on themselves by saying things like: “I’d never be able to do what you do!” or: “I’m not really a people person.”

Now it’s certainly true that people’s natural biological inheritance does seem to bestow differing abilities in different areas, but only to some extent. We know that attitude and experience are more important, and it is clear from extensive brain research that the brain is very plastic. This means that the ‘wiring’ of the brain changes as you learn new things.

And this tells you that a good deal of negative self-talk is actually inaccurate and unrealistic. It’s not that anybody can do anything, it’s more a question of you can do much, much more than you currently know you can.

Negative self-talk is a lying voice, it cheats you out of future possibilities, and current enjoyments. Our objective today is to create a more reasoned voice – one that is for you instead of against you, one that will champion your cause in life, fighting for you all the way.

You will begin to see more things within your capabilities, you will feel happier taking on new challenges and you’ll find yourself looking forward to situations that before you might have avoided.

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This script was created by Laura McGregor, some content was licensed from Hypnotic World and Uncommon Knowledge

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