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Clinical Hypnotherapy & Aromatherapy Massage


Bucerias / La Cruz, Mexico


Step 1

Free Consultation - Add me to Whatsapp +1-250-702-7829 or call me +52 33 1496 3310 and let's chat about what you're looking to change in your life. How you'd like to begin to feel.

Step 2

If we agree to work together you'll receive a client intake form. My sessions are offered in four-session programs. We'll agree on session dates and payment.

Step 3

Session 1 is a two-hour online zoom session. This session will help you to drastically reduce the intensity of how you feel about that old problem prior to incorporating aromatherapy massage into the protocol.

Step 4

Session 2, 3 & 4 can all be done in person. After each session, you will receive a hypnosis recording to listen to as well as homework to guide you until we next meet. You will also take home personalized Aromatherapy products after each in-person massage session.


Aromatherapy Massage & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Nagging problems like anxiety, tension, pain, insomnia and stress can be very disruptive to your daily life; knocking your self-confidence off track and creating limiting belief systems that can really hold you back. Conversely, limiting belief systems can also be the cause of the same (or other) mental, emotional or physical ailments.


I work with clients who find themselves stuck in old patterns or behaviours, those who are fed up and feel a deep need to move forward!  I offer solutions focused Clinical Hypnotherapy in combination with Aromatherapy massage. This is an incredibly powerful and fast way to make real lasting changes in your life.


The integration of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Aromatherapy Massage, allows the body to explore, address and release blocks, anxieties and traumas, by engaging the subconscious mind, and olfactory nerves directly connected to the part of the brain that impacts the amygdala, our emotional center.

Very often we store or lock emotions in our muscles and physical touch combined with aromatherapy massage enhances processing beyond talking therapy alone; speeding healing, releasing physical pain or emotions and promoting deeper mind-body relaxation.

Hypno-Massage makes it easier to release underlying pain, trauma or negativity to help you make impactful changes in your life.


Book a Free Consultation to see if Hypno-Massage is a good fit for you!


Phone: +52 33 1496 3310

Add to Whatsapp: +1-250-702-7829


  • I currently only offer English Speaking appointments (I'm learning) - apologies.

  • By Appointment Only

  • Appointments are offered either in my home therapy room or on my beautiful airconditioned patio.

  • Should you wish to access my garden, pool and hot tub after your session please let me know, this can be included in each session.

  • Client receives personalized Aromatherapy blended products to take home with them

  • Client receives an audio recording of their sessions

  • Client receives homework and text/email support during our work together

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