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Forward Momentum

Put self-sabotage in the past! 

Creating new habits, and breaking old ways of thinking, requires a reopening of the Imagination. Your imagination is a true gift. It provides new perspectives and a freshness that only vast creativity can breed. The imagination is unlimited.  You are a very creative being. You are creating all of the time. You can be a very active participant in the creative process of your life. You COULD, in fact, create and project your energy in an elevated creative way that opens you to your intuition, connects you with the divine life force energy that runs through all things. You could tap into that expanded creative energy anytime you want.


This IS possible. It is more than possible. It may even feel like you've found your way home. Your way home to your connected vast loving self. 

In your first 7 years of life, you are in Theta. Basically you are in a hypnotic state which allows you to learn everything you need to know to be a human in your family and your environment. You are adapting as a strategic solution to being vulnerable and new. You want to be accepted to receive love. Love and acceptance is a necessary requirement to feel safe. You were like a little sponge soaking up everything, without the Conscious part of your brain. You were in the programming portion of your life. Your supercomputer Subconscious was and is open, receiving message units constantly, without necessarily being aware of the programming content being downloaded. 


Throughout the years, the message units continue to pour in, and if we do not become aware of what is being programmed, we become unconscious to a degree. We get stuck. Stressed. Totally overwhelmed, and sometimes sick and this might be the birthplace of self-sabotage. 

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