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Magnetic Resurrection

  13 HOURS Of Workshop+Weekly Yoga Classes 

Artfully curated workshop experiences to take you deeper into a new self-experience!

This 5-week online workshop is for the woman who has been outgrowing old behaviours, feeling generally unsatisfied and yet curious about what could be possible for her! 


This Spring, you CAN move away from the old cycles that are no longer working, release fears of the unknown, and step away from those debilitating feelings of being trapped. 


If you’re feeling the call to step into yourself and explore what is possible, you're invited to sign up and attend these artfully curated experiences designed to take you deeper into your self-experience. 


Includes:  Meditation, Breath Work, Kundalini Kriyas, Hypnotherapy, and Spirit Journeys.

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Investing in your self-development and giving yourself space to dive into yourself feeds every area of your life.


When we feel stuck and burnt out, or like something has got to give, we have an opportunity to reflect on who we are, where we are going, and what we want for our lives. 




Self-committed time to explore different facets of yourself. Life is busy. We are often last on the list of priorities and investments. This is an opportunity to spend quality time exploring your true nature.


The last two years have challenged us on every level. We are not the same people we were in early March 2020. Some of us have closed businesses, others were managing to homeschool and work, and many continued to work straight through the pandemic as essential workers. 


This time has been interesting, to say the least. And through the shifting challenges of pivoting, isolation, and polarization, we have had an opportunity to see what is not working for us, and what are we craving for our future selves. We have had major shifts in our foundational values, and these values will give rise to the whole beautiful beings we are growing into. 

Your truth is begging you to make room for whom you are becoming and unbecoming. In this potent time of rebirth, perspective shifts are more available and desire more obvious.


Though we may still not be able to pinpoint what it is we are after, the seed of yearning has been planted. And what is not working may need sweet permission to fall away in service of what is asking to be birthed. 


The ego deaths and identities shifts are inevitable on our self-healing journey.

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We can start to ask those powerful questions!


  • How can I make room for my own soulful evolution?

  • Can I use what I have learned so far as the compost to nourish the foundation of whom I am becoming?

  • How have my values shifted over the last few years?

  • Can I release old energetic loops and welcome growth energy?

  • What facets of myself need encouragement?

  • And what facets need to be seen and heard?


Whomever you are un-becoming, in order to flourish into who you are, your true nature, maybe now is the time to invest in a deep dive into you. 


Take time to sense and feel and connect with your intuition. Enjoy space to marinate on perspectives, and concepts around healing, and renewal. Tend to the garden of you. 


In our time together, you will have an opportunity to experience deep and profound healing shifts, using ancient tools, using a street smart twist for easy-to-apply practices.


You will have space to explore and discover different parts of your being through tender Subconscious experiences that provide you with clarity and deep healing.


Get to Know your Minds(The three minds) Negative, Positive, and Neutral, and learn how to activate whatever mind you are needing in the moment. Like shifting gears in a car, you have the power to shift at will. Should you choose to do so. 


And it all comes down to energy. You will be guided to uplevel your energetics to match what is you are calling into your life. You will get to experience and be exposed to life-changing meditations that you can add to your daily practice. 


Become magnetic!

Through shifting your energy you will become the flower, instead of the bee. 


Your energy is powerful. You are a magnetic being. When we are stuck in fear and control and too nervous to step onto the path of the unknown, we can be blocking our desires from taking root. 


We get looped into to same old, same old because we just don’t know how to take that first step. But we want to, and that is enough to get going. We desire to change! Yes! Let’s start there.


Making room for your true nature, calls you to push through the old energetic ceiling, in order to grow into YOU. 


Invest in your growth. All areas of your life will benefit from improving self intimacy. We yearn to be seen by others.


First, we have to see ourselves. 


Experiences While Attending

  • Group Hypnotherapy 

  • Kundalini Yoga 

  • Meditation

  • Explore Facets Of You

  • Spirit Journeys (Shamanic)

  • Explore Foundational Values

  • Learn About The Three Minds

  • Release Of Stagnate Energy

  • Tools For Self Care

  • Spiritual Practice(Daily Meditation)

  • Breath Work 

  • Sisterhood

Benefits Of Attending

  • Meditative Mind

  • Clarity

  • Increased Awareness

  • Inner Connection

  • Better Boundaries 

  • Magnetic Manifestation

  • Increase Of Intuition

  • Forward Momentum 

  • Inner Cheerleader

  • Connection w/Subconscious 

  • Increase In Creative Energy

  • Rooted In Your Values

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We will meet bi-weekly: One Saturday Intensive a month & One Thursday evening a month. Plus one Yoga and Meditation class a week. (This is optional added value and does not require your attendance. A recording will be uploaded to our private FB Page).

Our sessions together will take place in a sacred sisterhood where all sorts of magic can happen.


When women gather, women heal. We are medicine for each other. We reflect to each other like mirrors.


Our stories liberate others. Our circle is a massive component of this journey together. 


*I ask that you commit to our Saturdays and Thursdays for the benefit of the individual as well as the collective.

We need each other to do this work. Please commit to our time together to gain the full experience and benefits of this offering.


*Recording of the Intensives and Thursday will be sent out if  you can't make it to class. Friday yoga classes with be uploading to our FB page. 


Every session will be recorded for future marketing. 

April Dates:


9-12 pm April 16th, Saturday Opening Intensive

9-10 am April 22nd, Friday Yoga +Meditation Class (participation not required but very much welcomed). 


7-9 pm April 28th, Thursday Evening Hypnosis/Spirit Journey+Check in 


9-10 am April 29th, Friday Yoga+Meditation Class


May Dates:


9-10 am May 6th Friday Yoga+Meditation Class


9-10 am May 13th Friday Yoga+Meditation Class


9-12 pm May 14th Saturday Intensive


9-10 am May 20th Friday Yoga+Meditation Class


7-9 pm May 26th Thursday Evening Hypnosis/Spirit Journey+Check in


9-10 amMay 27th Friday Yoga+Meditation Class


June Dates:


9-10 am June 3rd Yoga+Meditation Class

9-12 pm June 4th Saturday Intensive Workshop-Closing Class


Included in this journey will be our very own private FB group. 


Friday Yoga classes will be uploaded there to support you on your journey.


I will also be introducing an 11min daily meditation practice for us to do individually at home.

It will carry us through our journey and keep us connected. 

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About Your Facilitator 

Patricia is dedicated to being a student of life. Her story is one of rising from the ashes. The connection to the wounded healer archetype is one she can relate to. Living with a chronic dis-ease gave rise to a deeper understanding of self-healing. Patricia has been guided by her intuition on her own road to self-healing, which led her to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. This gave her the education in the Human body she so yearned for. Connecting the dots between nutrition and the impacts of food, health and healing. Drawn to the Subconscious mind and the powerful healing it provides us, she becomes a Clinical Hypnotherapist and works in group settings and 1:1 with her clients, facilitating positive shifts in many people's lives.


Patricia has been studying Kundalini Yoga for 10 years and is blown away at the power of this yoga and meditation practice to strengthen the Nervous System and Endocrine System, creating a harmonious place to live within the body, mind and spirit. And because of her early connection to other realms of consciousness, Patricia was led to study the Shamanic art of journeying. Channelling is Patricia's true gift. 

Patricia artfully combines her experience and modalities to provide powerful self-experiences of one's inner world. Because of her street smart style of communication, she explores spiritual concepts with ease, and humour, translating concepts of ancient tools into easy to apply methods for the modern world. 

So Why Now? Why Sign Up?


Spring is a wonderful and magnetic time to manifest and step into the energy you want to see more of in your life. After the hibernation of winter, we have an opportunity to plant the seeds for our future, now.

In this safe, sacred container, you are able to explore! You will be supported to transform, let go of old stagnate energy and welcome the rebirth. Resurrect the parts of you inspired to live life fully with an open heart. This openness makes us VERY MAGNETIC. Attract the energy you want to see more of in your life. 

Spring is the perfect time to shed our winter coats, and look to the future. 

Magnetic Resurrection - Spring 2022
Magnetic Resurrection - Spring 2022
This 5-week online workshop is for the woman who has been outgrowing old behaviours, feeling generally unsatisfied and yet curious about what could be possible for her!
Apr 16, 2022, 9:00 AM PDT – Jun 04, 2022, 12:00 PM PDT
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