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A Deep Dive Into The Heart & Sisterhood

What If You Unlocked The Heart
Spark The Fire In The Heart
Dive Deeply Into Love, Clarity, Sisterhood & Self-Trust

You can't armour the heart from pain without also armouring the heart from joy. 


Self-protection has built a wall that's interfering with how joy lands in the body and how joy is expressed.


You may feel unsatisfied no matter how grateful you are for your life. Something is missing.


Do you want more? 


You did all the things, or you are doing all the things, and it never feels enough. 


There is a part of you yearning to lead a life that feels totally inspired.


As well as a life that honours the grief, loss, betrayal, neglect, all that has wounded the heart. 


We make room to feel it all. We feel to heal. 


Through feeling it all we build a different capacity for processing challenging and overwhelming emotions. 


We slowly build the nervous system and unlock the heart. 


Your heart is a compass that very much wants to do her job as your inner guide, and your inner mother, nurturing you to come home to yourself. 


The heart is your intuitive center. 

To trust our intuition and ourselves, we must acknowledge the walls we have built around the heart.


We’ve learned to shut down our hearts so that we don't have to feel what is happening to us and around us. 


Life is no joke. It is beautiful and full of pain too.


Children, young people, often turn this pain into deep shame, and much of that shame is inherited by our primal caregivers and society as a whole. 


We learn how to act so that we will be accepted and loved.


We did the best we could.


But now we have these patterns that push others away. And we want something different but we are afraid of changing the way we have always done things.


We shut down, we don’t trust people and we don’t trust ourselves.


This makes decisions in life challenging when there is little self-trust. 


We start to just go with the status quo. But that starts to feel unsatisfying too. And that way of living is not working anymore.


It may feel there is a different rhythm in you that wants to make itself known. 


It may feel like you're not set up to run at this pace. But when you slow down you hear a lot of internal criticism. 


Overwhelmed and a boatload of settling. But no clarity. 


You know there is something that needs tending to and you can't put your finger on it.  You know you can't keep feeling like this.


Something needs to change.


When will you be good enough to love yourself? 


When is the right time to start healing the wounds in your heart?


You are tired of feeling like you're off path and you'd like to start feeling inspired!


There is blocked energy that needs to move. When we invite it to move, we build awareness on the healing path. 


Your awareness will illuminate your path. Clarity will rush in.


Your heart is calling you to come home to your true nature.

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— Name, Title

In this 3 month journey into the heart and sacred sisterhood, you will be introduced to beautiful and powerful experiences that facilitate the opening of the heart, while processing grief, welcoming in joy, and making space to receive clarity.

By moving old blocked energy, there will be a growing awareness and clarity in your life. 


You will be shifting perspectives, and identifying what is ready to surrender, and what may need your loving attention. 


This is a life-changing opportunity to come home to your own heart. 


The heart has the capacity to hold us in divine love.


That love we have always wanted to feel has been there all along. It is just covered with walls and amour. 


You are what you’ve been waiting for. 


You will meet your inner Ma, as I like to call her. Reparenting the inner child is a game-changer. We become the mothers to ourselves that we always needed. 


Self-love creates a safe and soft place to land in the body. 


Self-love also creates fierce, beautiful, and loving boundaries. 


There will be many self-experiences in this 3-month journey that will support you to grow in self-love and compassion. 


This journey is one light bulb moment after the other. If I had to sum this course in one word it would be CONNECTION!

By the end of our journey together, you will have practical knowledge and even more embodied wisdom to call upon, to lean on, for navigating this path called life.

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Hey, Welcome! I'm Patricia, I will be your guide.

Here's a little about me, and my healing journey so that you can get to know me better.

My healing journey started in 2011. It was August, and I was sitting on my back porch, I thought to myself, ”I am depressed.” I knew at that moment that no one was ever going to save me from my own internal world. 


It was mine, and I had to do something. My next thought was,” Kundalini Yoga.” I had tried it years before, like 10 years before, and now, here it was knocking on my soul. 


I listened. 


Since that time I have conquered many fears and limitations I didn’t think were possible. Including a phobic fear of flying. I cancelled every trip we booked. The fear manifested as nightmares, extreme dark and fearful thoughts, panic attacks, it was awful.


My husband turned and said to me, “I will travel without you. I need to see the world.”  I knew at that moment that I had to take action. 


My heart broke at the thought of him having all these amazing experiences without me. I wanted to make memories with the person I love most in this world. I heard in my mind,” Hypnotherapy.”


I listened. 


I went and saw a Clinical Hypnotherapist 3 times. Each time having panic attacks during my sessions. It is a myth that you have to be totally relaxed. It's ok to bring where you are at, to the process. 

It helped me fly to Hawaii with my husband. 


Little by little I was conquering big fears. With Kundalini Yoga 4 times a week, 3 Hypnotherapy sessions, I was starting to feel an inner power, courage! I was building the courage to live the life I knew wanted to express itself through me. 


I was starting to unfold into the ways I always knew I would. Everything was starting to make sense. 


I  listened. 


By this time, I had flown to New Mexico trained at an ashram twice, in Kundalini Yoga. I was now a teacher diving deep into the level 2 Practitioner program.  I had a practice and I was teaching people what had helped me so much. 


I had heard the call to study with a Shamanic teacher. 


I listened.


And started to journey into Spiritual Realms. I discovered that this was what I had been doing naturally since I was 3 years old. 


I had conquered so much fear from 2011-2016. It was incredible!


In 2016, my husband and I had sold our home, gave away our belongings, and set off on the open road as Nomads. I learned to live in the unknown and let myself be guided by the heart. I learned to let go and to receive. 


Standing on a beautiful red sand beach on  Prince Edward Island,  I heard,” Nutrition School.” 


I listened.


Off went to Vancouver Island. I studied and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. 


I began to walk a new road of healing, learning about self-nourishment so that I could manage stage 3 Endometriosis, one of the world's top 20 most painful conditions. 


In 2017  while still in Nutrition School I was prescribed morphine to help me with the pain of Endo. But it didn’t help. Each month, since I was 11, I was taken on a journey into hell. 


Now as a yoga teacher, I brought my meditation skills into hell with me. 

Pain taught me how to surrender. 


I was starting to see the many onion layers to healing, recognizing that we can only approach our healing in degrees. 


We are guided to what needs our attention as our awareness grows and our awareness is dependent on subconscious material making itself known. 


We surrender to the path. And prepare our hearts with courage and grace. 


We work with what is ready to unfold. We trust the subconscious mind will bring to us what is ready to be looked at. 


In 2019 under the most loving and serendipitous circumstances, I was able to study and become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. My soul said study!


I listened.

​​​​​​This was the puzzle piece for me to finally accept what my whole life had been preparing me for.

I was a Holistic Healer. It all made sense! 


It is no wonder, looking back, why I was on that back porch in 2011 at thirty-two years old and totally depressed.  


I had survived a near-death experience at three. My mother lost custody of me when I was one. My Dad and caregiver died of cancer when I was eight. I was then living with my mother who was addicted to cocaine, alcohol, and sex. I lived in foster care, went through sexual abuse, and started living on my own when I was 16.

And I had a chronic painful condition called Endometriosis. 


I had a lot to heal from.


I survived the experiences in my life by building armour around my heart. I was brave, no doubt about it, but I was shut down. I was yearning to feel like myself. I did everything I was supposed to do. Had a great career, bought a house, married the love of my life, I was a part of a community and I was still so depressed.


Talk therapy didn’t work for me. I think it works for some. But for me, I needed to address the body, subtle energy, the subconscious and I had to approach this from a spiritual perspective.  


Now I teach others how to initiate healing through the methods of Nutrition, Kundalini Yoga, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Spirit Journeys.  


I can take 50 percent credit for the work I now do. The other half is divine intervention. I have just learned to get out of the way. 


This spiritual mystical component to my healing journey and in the work I do is massive. I walk between worlds very easily. And for much of my life, it felt like a curse. Now it is the gift that helps me hold visions for others to experience healing.


Most of the visual journey experiences I provide come from downloads, I take you to some of the spiritual realms I have seen. I help others see. It's part of my magnetic field makeup. I can penetrate the collective and hold a vision for us all to see, and in our own unique way. 


Spirit has led me to rest in the heart. 


Over the last few years, I’ve learned how to ease the perfectionistic mind. I learned how to be my own mother. I came home to my heart and healed the old long story that I am not enough.


I learned to be my own cheerleader in a way I didn’t know was possible. 


I made room for grief and anger. I accepted myself as I am. 


The flow that opened because of the Heart, is something I want to share with other Women. 


This has been a profound healing experience and I want to share this unique journey into the heart and healing. 


We can’t think our way into healing! We must have an experience of healing to heal. 

We will journey into the heart and subconscious mind and spirit realms in order to have a self-experience of healing. 


There will be profound guidance that comes through from within. 

I will guide us into spiritual realms, the subconscious mind, and into the body using tools such as Breath Work, Meditation, Kundalini yoga, Hypnotherapy, Mantra, and Guided Spirit Journeys all in a uniquely crafted way.  


Looking forward to being with you all, 

XO Patricia MacNeill

C.CHT, R.H.N., 500HR Kundalini Yoga+Meditation Teacher


Experiences While Attending

  • Increased Lung Capacity  

  • Increased Confidence 

  • Self Compassion

  • Lymphatic Support

  • Nervous System

  • Immune Support

  • More Clarity

  • Release Of Stagnate Energy

  • Tools For Self Care

  • Spiritual Practice

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Spirit Journeys

Benefits Of Attending

  • Clearer Boundaries

  • Throat Chakra Healing

  • Courageous Magnetic Feild

  • Grief Work

  • Meditation Support

  • Group Sharing

  • Increase Of Intuition

  • Forward Momentum 

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Heart Chakra Healing

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One Saturday Intensive a month  LIVE IN PERSON (Yellow Point, Vancouver Island) & bi weekly Check In and Meditation via zoom on a Thursday evening bi weekly.

Our sessions together will take place in a sacred sisterhood where all sorts of magic can happen.


When women gather, women heal. We are medicine for each other. We reflect to each other like mirrors.


Our stories liberate others. Our circle is a massive component of this journey together. 


I ask that you commit to our Saturdays and Thursdays for the benefit of the individual as well as the collective.

We need each other to do this work.




10am-2pm Jan.28th, Saturday Opening Intensive. Location 13467 Cedar Rd, Ladysmith BC (North Oyster Community Centre).

7pm-7:45pm Feb. 9th, Thursday Zoom Check In and Meditation

7pm -7:45pm Feb. 23th, Thursday Zoom Check In and Meditation 

10am- 3pm Feb. 25th Saturday Intensive +Cooking Class with guest teacher Sarah Bingham R.H.N, Red Seal Chef.


7pm-7:45pm March 9th Thursday Zoom Check In and Meditation


7pm-7:45pm March 23rd Thursday Zoom Check In and Meditation 


10am-3pm  March 25th Saturday Closing Intensive + Forest Therapy with guest teacher Sarah Bingham, Forest Therapy Practitioner.



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So Why Now? Why Sign Up?


We all have those times in our lives as I did on my back porch in 2011. I know I needed to do something different. This is different! Is it a mystical, practical, supportive, courage-building container that will hold you to go deep and release, as well as rise up into purpose and grace. 

These uniquely crafted experiences are designed to shift your energy, open your heart so that you can receive the life you know is meant for you.

Connect! Connect to your Soul's calling! The medicine you’re seeking is inside your own heart.


I am honoured to be one of the guides on the path of life. 


See you soon!

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