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My name is Patricia MacNeill. I am trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Nutritionist, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. I am an Intuitive by nature, and I apply this gift to every aspect of my work.  I am the Creative Force behind Nourish Victory, a wellness company, passionate about elevating the Mind (Hypnotherapy), Body (Holistic Nutrition), and Spirit (Kundalini Yoga as Taught By Yogi Bhajan).


My purpose is to help others empower themselves. I have been called a catalyst, a healer, a badass teacher, and most proudly, I've been told I am funny and loving.


I continue to do the work of integrating my pain and transforming it into purpose. I have healed myself of chronic autoimmune disease, through Hypnosis and Mindset, Kundalini Yoga, and Holistic Nutrition and because of this, I can energetically support significant transformations in others. 


I believe we can all create a field for massive positive shifts in the right direction. I do not believe in bypassing the messy bits, as I know the Lotus needs the mud to bloom into fullness. I teach a practice of holding space for all of the complexities of life, allowing the process to peel back the layers of past wounds and move through it at a pace that provides forward momentum, so we can always arrive at our authentic truth.


I use all of my modalities, life experiences, pain and joy to serve the consciousness of my clients and others. I am a student first and foremost. I share what I learn out of my passion and love for people, and because I am answering the call of my destiny.I educate and elevate by helping my clients see a new experience of themselves, and I am very grateful to do this healing work.


Much love,

Patricia MacNeill, RHN, CC.Ht - CoFounder

As an Entrepreneur, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Masseuse and Reiki Master I have a keen knowledge of how we can use our powerful subconscious mind and all of our senses to tap into the muse within each of us.

I believe taking the time to know, love, trust, explore and honour your emotions, relationships, and intimacy for the benefit of greater love and pleasure should be part of every woman's wholistic wellness toolkit.

I have been through the trenches of my own emotional and sexual intimacy. ​I rode the edges of all my comfort zones and pushed my boundaries in terms of self-love, self-acceptance, and sensuality. I have explored honestly what intimacy means to me and I have learned a great deal in the shadows and in my connections. 

I am looking forward to sharing my personalized programs, tools and exercises that I know can will be a great catalyst for you to begin or deepen your own journey. ​


Much love,


Laura McGregor, CC.ht - CoFounder

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