Major funk? Stuck? 

Unsatisfied? Exhausted?

Yeah, I'm Talking To You!

Life can be stressful. We live it every day, going through the motions and trying our best. Somedays, no matter what we do, it doesn't seem to be enough! The idea of self-care feels even more exhausting, and we are fed up with the pressures and overwhelm. Anxiety and sleepless nights are norms, and we know we spend far too much time on our phones, avoiding intimate conversations with ourselves and others. We repress our anger, or we scream at everyone. 

You're not alone, depression and fear are at an all-time high. We have lost something, there is a disconnect polluting the internal part of us and the external collective systems of the world. The disconnect is very painful.  We are in our personal energy overdraft every month, and we can all feel it. We self-soothe with shopping, eating, drinking, drugging, sexing, TV anything to numb how we feel, and it helps in the short term, maybe. 

You can develop the skills you'll need on your path to your AUTHENTIC ALIGNED SELF.  Creating new habits, and breaking old ways of thinking, requires a reopening of the imagination. It provides new perspectives and a freshness that leads to forward momentum. You COULD, in fact, create and project your energy in an elevated way that opens you to your intuition, connects you with the divine life force energy that runs through all things and tap into and expand your creative energy anytime you want. This IS possible. It may even feel like you've found your way home, I help you navigate your path by combining modalities for Mind, Body and Spirit. 

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“My experience with Patricia as a yoga instructor was unlike any other. She had the ability to connect with you, no matter the size of the yoga class. She made me feel like I belonged in that class, at that moment, with her, every time. There was a presence from her energy that transferred her passion, love, and commitment to yoga. She made the class her own and was always prepared and flexible in her teaching styles. She is a true inspiration and an exceptional yoga instructor and human being!"

Jote Gill

“I have never had a yoga experience like this. I feel connected to the Earth in a way I didn’t know was possible. The energy radiating out and within. Every lesson leaves you stronger in mind and body, focused on the positive.  This instructor walks beside you along the journey helping you to be your best in mind and body. A true Yoga experience teaching you to tune in to your energy and the energy of all others who practice.” 

Karen Giguere

“I have known Patricia for over 10 years as a friend and fellow yoga instructor. I’ve taken several yoga classes and workshops with her. She is a wonderful instructor and a dedicated teacher. Her style is direct, compassionate and creative. I leave her classes feeling supported and uplifted.”  -Kundalini/Hatha/Restorative Yoga teacher
Fraser Valley, BC

Norine Longmire

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